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賽事資訊:Str8 x TerraX Sprint Orienteering Tournament 2021 Round 6

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著名指南針品牌 Str8 Compass 將會於今年7月至12月,聯同新晉體育會 TerraX 及技術伙伴 Y2Y 合辦 Str8 x TerraX 短途定向巡迴賽 2021,冀望透過跨領域的聯乘合作,開拓更多定向賽事的可能性!


為隆重其事,Str8 Compass 更特意為賽事準備總值超過 $50,000 的獎品及禮物,與參加者一同分享 Str8 對追求定向體驗及享受比賽的信念!

賽事將於7月11日(星期日)晚上8時正開始接受報名,首100名報名全部六場賽事的參加者,即可獲贈由 Str8 Compass 送出的豐富禮品,萬勿錯過!

Well-known compass brand Str8 Compass will be co-organizing the Str8 x TerraX Sprint Orienteering Tournament 2021 with the new sports club TerraX and technical partner Y2Y from July to December this year. We aim to develop more possibilities of orienteering races through multi-field crossover!

The Tournament covering different regions of Hong Kong with a total of 6 rounds. With exciting high-speed sprint orienteering, participants may explore the cultural authenticity around the community while enjoying the fun of orienteering!

To commemorate this special occasion, Str8 Compass has specially prepared prizes and gifts worth more than $50,000 for the tournament. Let's share the belief of Str8 in the pursuit of orienteering experience and the enjoyment of the race!

Registration starts at 8pm on July 11 (Sunday). First 100 participants register for all six rounds will be awarded with gifts from Str8 Compass. Don't miss it!

活動 Str8 x TerraX Sprint Orienteering Tournament 2021 Round 6
賽會 TerraX Sports Club
Y2Y Orienteering Development and Training Centre
狀態 已完成
日期 4 十二月 2021至15:00 - 18:00 local time (UTC+8)
截止報名日期 29 十一月 2021至23:59 local time (UTC+8)
活動型式 individuell
活動級別 本地賽事
Competition format 短距離
活動時間 day
型式 FootO
計時系統 Sportident
Elite classes ME, WE
Normal classes MS, WS, MA, WA, MB, WB, MC, WC
Open classes MO, WO, CATI (Come & Try It), FAMILY, Beginner, Teen Duo
聯絡電話 59755784
賽事主任 Chun Ho Li